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It's cold, the bed is warm, the goal seems HUGE

from Mama Miss This cold weather and lack of sleep or calories or something...I am DRAGGING. Not dragging like "this morning I have to get up early for once." But REALLY dragging. Trying smoothies, protein bars, everything. 1000 miles, it is HUGE. My old neighbor once tried to deter my want and need for better health by saying that me getting back into my pre-pregnancy pants before returning from maternity leave was a "lofty goal." Lofty goal eh? Hmm well I guess that stuck with me. Mind you she said this while I was on a walk pushing 50 lbs of stroller, baby AND carseat (yes teeny Cozy)and at the time her exerciser regime was nil. So, what did that inspritational comment do...push me harder. That was three years ago. Since then I became a runner. Not the best runner..but a runner with goals and motivation. After her comment that day, I pushed those 50 lbs from my house to the top of the mountain and back because in my head she told me I couldn't. I should thank her for motivating me to be a healthier person and for pushing me to be a better example for my child. Maybe I need to call her to get motivated again. Actually it's not lack of motivation, it is true exhaustion. But even though I am behind my goal for the year by a few miles due to unforseen circumstances, I will push forward. Pick up miles here and there and ACHIEVE THIS GOAL! LET'S DO THIS!!

1 comment:

  1. You got this! Just let your body tell you what it needs (rest, smoothies,etc..) but you are my running inspiration. Go get em'!