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Family Dinners

In the past I have been told by blood relatives that friends are okay to have but they won't be there when you really need them. They will not be there when times are tough. You need family and you need to only depend on family. Now I just think that is silly. I have seen how friends can be an even better support group than your family (even though family is a great support group - not knocking them). Have we had friends come and go through the years, yes, but there are friends that you know will be there for the long haul. Friends that lift you up, support you, hug you when you are down, laugh with you, and are there to watch your kids grow. Friends that celebrate all life's tiny victories.

We have discussed the Sunday family dinners and how important they were in our childhood. We talk about how we need to make this memory a reality again. It's tough because our families don't live that close. But even though we have been focused on the fact our families aren't near, we haven't realized we are having those Sunday family dinners. Just with a different family. A family that is JUST as important. The family that may not have birthed you, but the family you have chosen to spend time with. The friends that you can share a meal with, laugh, kids can play, talk about you dreams, the sad times, make plans together. I don't know about you but that sounds like an awesome family to me. And the fact that we can share Sunday dinner with them...makes it even more amazing.  

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