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Beauty in the Details

Those of you who know me know that I love all the little things that make the big picture BEAUTIFUL! Our wedding was a chance to really make that love a reality. But, no matter what you do, when you rely on others you are at their mercy. I won't bother you with the flower story from my wedding, but I will just say my flowers were not anything that I envisioned. Were they horrible? No. But had I known then what I know now, I would have taken the time to make them myself. But since that did not happen, I did vow to make sure no one I knew went through the same thing. So, with the help of my friend Margaret and a few others, she and I have created beautiful flowers for our friends so they are as happy and stress free on their big day :)
My flowers - they were supposed to be a big pink ball of cabbage roses, peonies, and other pink roses with feathers tucked underneath and NO GREENERY...instead one dozen random pinks, some greenery and stems that were 2 ft long! After fuming on the way to the rehearsal I called the florist to have them at least cut down the stems to a manageable handle. 

Again, not terrible but not what we ordered. SO, below you will see some of the creations Margaret and I have come up with based on the available tools and preferences from the Brides-to-be :)

B&P Winter Wedding with special order keepsake on handle:)

E&T Beach Wedding :)

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