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Oh little one

As we look back at the last year I wanted to reflect on how you have grown and matured to be 4.

Three was a rough start, the fall was tough but we powered through thus allowing us to enjoy all your crazy, quirky, fun, spunky sides.

This year you started by saying Guurl, Squurl, and Gitenown and most recently stated that you said it like before but now you say Girl, Squirrel and Nightgown. You can also now say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, atrocious and precocious.

Apparently you can spell things we didn't know like i-c-e c-r-e-a-m - yes i want some ice cream.

You still say umputer..hopefully that will stick.

You have an amazing memory - remembering things that go way back.

You learned to roll your tongue and cross your eyes.

You rocked your first trip to the dentist - mouth open the ENTIRE time.

This was the year of the hot air balloon that you LOVED. You were too short to look over the side of the basket so you used the step as a window. Hopefully you will love flight in any form as much as your mommy.

When we were preparing for your first day of Pre-K we talked a lot about what you wanted to be when you grew up. "I want to be a mommy? ok you know you can be a mommy and something else too? I don't want to be a mommy like you I want to be a white mommy. a what? lets talk. you know a white mommy (finger wave back and fourth) aarrrrggg oh a mummy? yes"

You had some amazing fashions through the year also, my favorite a pair of PJ shorts made into a short skirt ;) no one can say you aren't original.

All these changes, all these little things make you one amazing, smart, courageous, wonderful little person. We can't wait to see how you will change and mature over the next years.

We love you little one...I hope you never stop being original!

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  1. LOVE all these pictures of Cozy! You guys sure do have one pretty, yet feisty, little red-headed girl. :) I loved looking at these photos of her past year and consider myself blessed to have been a close part of Cosette's first couple of years. Priceless memories! :)