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Modified Slow Cooker Veggie Lasagna

Thanks to a friend of ours telling us about Farmers Market Baskets we have started getting our weekly basket of fresh, organic, fruits and veggies. This was our first week for the basket so we wanted to use as much as we could to decide what size would fit our family. I have been pinning a lot of simple life things on pinterest including this recipe from Oh My Veggies.  We modified slightly since we had a plethora of veggies at our disposal. Plus we wanted to empty our refrigerator of excess veggies and greens. So we added things like broccoli and tons of spinach. We also used basil we grew in our garden. If anything it was a beautiful dish of colorful veggies. Oh and it was pretty tasty too!

 Start the layering process of the lasagna (I forgot to take a photo of the noodles).

and we added way more cheese...because we love cheese silly

final product before closing up the pot for the next few hours

and finally the finished product. Very tasty. Great comfort food and use of our veggie basket :)

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