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Weekend Projects for Frenchie

After many months of talk, getting rid of our spare bedroom, waiting to paint, finishing the paint, and all the other setbacks, we finally got started on the move to a big girl room and the renovation of minifurs old room into an office/closet for mommy and daddy. Nana took minifur for the weekend so we could focus and get a bulk of the transition finished. We are sore today but happy how things are turning out. Here is what has happened so far:

art display when you enter the room (oh and hello kitty fanclub poster)

this corner will be tented in the near future.  think cozy tent in the movie the holiday

even Geronimo moved in (bottom right corner)

Next on to mommy's happy place

Ikea desk with gold painted legs and gold tape border

 not so bland and boring color pallet

to eliminate clutter in other parts of the house I started searching for things that just don't ever use. Like the faux gator tray in teal and the glass snack trays from the 1950s. Both made excellent vessels to display jewelry. You can still see the remnants of minifurs first room (initial and name peeking out behind the mirror, tree on the wall with blowing leaves) but she is happy in her bigger space and we are happy allll of her stuff can go in her room instead of scattered throughout the house. Its a win for everyone!

again..Frenchie made my imagination come to life. thanks bebe!

1 comment:

  1. Turned out so gorgeous!! Well done Frenchie. Can't wait to have a cocktail and play dress up