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Modifying a Pioneer...

In the past we have prepared a many Pioneer Woman dishes. I mean why wouldn't you? they are AMAZING

But today we were looking for something that would last longer than a day and we could possibly freeze.  We started with the PW Shrimp Pasta in a Foil Package see here:

I don't know about you but shrimp just isn't a great freezer option (maybe it is, maybe we will discover ways to make it so).  So we took this gem and modified it. Instead of shrimp we used chicken, and instead of parsley we opted for fresh spinach, basil and why not throw in buffalo mozzarella? I mean..cheese...need we say more?

here are the beginner ingredients (minus the chicken...which was thawing)

I unfortunately took these photos in the raw (greater than 25 mb each) and don't have time to edit...so you will only get a what was used, one prep shot and the final product.  Better planning next time....I mean..cut me some slack. We are very new to this whole blog thing ;O) I see why people make blogging a full time job..soo many ideas...so little time. 

Here is the pre-oven

and the final delicious product :o)

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