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“Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can.”

Every morning during the week I have a routine. I know we all have routines but mine is a little different, sort of special (to me anyway). Mine is centered around coffee, music, and the pursuit of a calmness to prepare for the day. After all the craziness of my home (I'm not a baby I'm a child...yeah going on 17), the dog and cat playing under foot, the knowledge that we have to get out of bed (no matter how tired), and the reminder that no matter how much you would like to, you just can't open peoples eyes...I need a calming routine. Mine starts as soon as I climb into my subi and select the music for the mood. Nine times out of 10 its WRFG 89.3 for the morning blues but it can vary. I open the sunroof, crank the music and slip into another world. My initial trip is only about 3 minutes depending on traffic. Destination? Cool Beans Coffee Roasters for a beautiful latte creation by *E or *J. The aroma of all the beans Big Red has roasted through the years fills the air. The music selection whether it be something new, or some random opera reverbs off the hardwood floors. After *E prepares her masterpiece in milk I make my way outside to chat with the regulars about everything from fashion to child rearing to the latest news of the square. Again, my mind is calm. When I look at my watch and realize that I actually do have a job to get to, I stress out a tiny bit, but take another sip of the warm, sweet goodness, and go back to my happy place. The drive in continues the varying music selection, a pass by the fountain of Glover Park, and the bright lights of the Strand. All reminders of why I love it here and how you can start your day in the comforting arms of a latte in any small town :) What is your routine and how do you find your happy place?

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  1. 30 minute commute - also surrounded by music and lots of loud singing - it's my way to decompress from the chaos that surrounds getting me and the shorty ready, out the door and to school/work on time. Usually a combination of Anders Osborne, Ray Lamontagne, The Wood Brothers, Audra Mae, The Everybodyfields, Ryan Adams...