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Mini Mini Teeny Tiny Whirlwind Vacation

This week my client team and I traveled to sunny Florida for a meeting. Twenty-four hours. Super fast, super fun, mini-vacation. We had good food, saw amazing people we haven't seen in a while, met new people that seem pretty great and made hilarious memories with some awesome friends:) 

E and I somehow woke early enough to watch the sunrise. I also attempted running on the beach for the first time and had NO idea how difficult it was. Pretty sure if you saw me you would have laughed (think Phoebe on friends but if she was being chased by Godzilla). 

Frenchie, Minifur and I watched the sunrise together via facetime. Mini could see the waves, birds, and shells. She thought it was really cool but the sun was "too bright" for her morning eyes hahahaha.

All in all the meeting went well and the vacay part was pretty awesome even if it was for only a moment. And as much fun as it was, I was so glad to be home with my little family :)

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