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Early Risers Unite!

I read an article this morning that made me smile and giggle...because it was written about me :)
you can check it out here. But this got me thinking. I really need to let you behind the curtain. Let you the reader see what makes me so happy and functional in the morning. I haven't always been a morning person. In my teens and 20s I would sleep the day away. Partly because I stayed up way too late (high school) and partly because I was probably out too late (college and beyond). During my field class in Montana it was a joke that even though we were at the Metlen until late, my roommate and I always awoke with smiles and good mornings for everyone. She joked that I would open my eyes and start a big smile all at the same time I was saying "good morning meeshla" to which she would reply with an equally big smile "good morning jennifer." Super annoying to the non morning people. And still in my late 30s I am surrounded by non-morning people. Some are so genuinely unhappy that even a mere polite good morning puts them over the edge (chris....) but most I have encountered that are non-morning folk are still pleasant and usually amazed at my ability to be so perky in the AM especially when they are still half asleep. So how do I do it you may ask:
drum roll please....

The alarm is set for 5:00 am.
snooze...depending on day (only once - but the clock is set 10 minutes fast).
get up;
play with cat;
check phone;
throw on work out clothes;
depending on day  (m/w/tr/f) go for a minimum of 30 minute run or a walk (distance depends on if I play tennis after work or how I feel in general). if Tuesday be at hot yoga at 5:30 am for hour class;
come back and start waking the family;
throw eggs in a pot of water and begin to boil;
grind coffee;
turn on either NPR or pandora french cafe;
wake child again while hubbie is showering;
empty litter box;
fill water bowls;
let dog out;
brew coffee;
take shower;
turn off eggs;
make waffles for child (unless she has gotten up and started to make them herself);
get coffee ready;
choose clothes for myself;
iron patches on childs pants (every day...she is wearing same pants for a month now - which are washed every night);
provide her "outfit" and waffles on a tray (hey whatever works);
get dressed while chatting with hubs:
grab coffees, empty coffee grounds in composter, clean up coffee area and head to front porch;
enjoy a few minutes while child continues to eat and get dressed;
pull eggs out of hot water and place in ice cold water;
place egg pan in sink after it cools;
make sure all childs things are ready for school;
pack any lunches for the hubs and I plus our eggs;
put the dog up;
walk everyone out the door;
load cars and get buckled in;
say the goodbyes and great days and part ways;
throw on morning blues or NPR;
head to coffee shop;
purchase large latte;
chat for 15-30 minutes depending on time while sipping said latte;
drive around square and by mountain listening to morning blues or NPR;
pull into work and greet co-workers with big smile and good mornings all around :) :)

bottom line, the older I get, the more I appreciate the quiet of the morning, watching the sun rise, being able to enjoy a cup of coffee, exercise and possibly read a little from my book. It's what I look forward to. How do you start your morning? What makes you happy?

*note these are my tasks, my husband has his own laundry list of chores he does in morning to make this a well oiled machine (and some tasks may be switched between the two of us)

1 comment:

  1. hello I was exhausted by the time I got to "hot yoga at 5:30am" I don't know how you do it!