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A moment to breathe...and giggle....and enjoy the sun

Recently I loaded up the ole subie with three of my besties and headed to the sunny destination Greenville, SC :)  Odd choice you might say but Greenville has created a foodie outdoor wonderland around the Falls of the Reedy downtown. We only had one day/night but we made the most of it. We started our journey with lunch at Mac's Speed Shop where we enjoyed pimento cheese and cold hoegarden ;) Then on to shopping, Bistro Passerelle for french cafe music and goat cheese with blueberry compote, more shopping, drinks at the Lazy Goat, adventurous dinner at American Grocery,  early sunday coffee at Coffee Underground and sunday brunch at High Cotton. It was a wonderful whirlwind weekend. Lots of laughs (beef tongue), exciting news for Suga and Big Daddy,  learning new terms #apuf, lots of southern quotes - especially Steel Magnolia quotes, name picking for Wonderfully Lost (Magnolia, Bashful, Shelby. Lemon), and lots of great memories made. Best part is we got to relax, giggle like girls and not have to chase or pick up after any small people that say mommy mommy mommy mommy :) A welcome break but nice to come home to those little voices too and get great snuggles :) The dads even had a trampoline cookout with the kids.



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