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Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

A new year, a new plan, a new resolution. The hot topic of now. Everyone seems to be amped up at the beginning of the year for change. Change in your diet, change in your perspective, change in your home, etc. How long will it last? Are our goals too lofty? Will we achieve them? stick to them?

We just finished a two day purge of our basement (which was LONG overdue). Years of "stuff" that has accumulated over time. "Stuff" we thought at that moment we needed, but was later replaced with new "stuff" so the old "stuff" was moved down cellar (as my yankee husband calls it) in case we needed it again. Did we ever NEED it? We can't eat it, it may keep us warm, provide shelter, but I doubt it. So why did we feel it was a Need? Needs are basic: food, water, shelter. But every day consumers purchase "needs." So here is my first resolution....simplify my life and eliminate the "wants" we think are "needs." Minimize the "stuff" in our lives. Goodwill has been loving us the past couple of days and our recycle bin looks like Christmas happened all over again. Purging the "needs" for a simpler life. But I don't think we purge just physical "stuff" that has accumulated over time. I think we should purge the other things in our life that bring us down or add stress. Obviously we have to work and that is a stress that can be managed but never fully eliminated but how you handle work, personal life, family...that is the key. You have read previously my "relaxation ritual" to start the work day and know that it totally helps. But imagine being able to mentally tune out drama, stress, and other peoples issues and projections of their own negativity and let the calm wash over you like the coffee does. Unfortunately I can't drink coffee all day. My coworkers would hate me and I wouldn't be able to focus on anything. But, to learn to mentally tune out others. To focus on what I need to do for the day, the week, my family, my life. And pray that they can do the same. So I guess there are my first two "resolutions" live more simply and remove the stresses I can control.

My third resolution...be healthy. Now I know everyone says this "I'm going to diet. I'm going to exercise." But I don't think we can do it alone. I think we need other around us supporting us. Lifting us up when we are slowing down. My goal = running 1000 miles this year. With the help of family and friends, I feel confident I can achieve this goal. In doing so I will achieve other goals like weight loss, eating better, helping eliminate the stress. My hope is it will make me a better person all around. Plus it will be good for my daughter to see this lifestyle and want to mimic.

So my daughter brings me to my last "resolution" SLOWING DOWN. I know..running is fast, but that isn't what I mean. I mean slow down and live in the moment. Drink in all the preciousness of my little family. The dancing, the singing, the silly faces, giggles, and sweet love and happiness they provide. I don't want to miss a moment. And a moment that is lost because I was too stressed to really be there mentally, well that is unfortunate. So 2014 will be the year that my family and their needs will be the main focus. Will I work less, of course not, and will others try to steal your happiness, of course they will...but will I let either of those rob me of my precious time with my family...NOT THIS YEAR :)

So let 2014 be your year to slow down, live the moment, let the stress slip away, and be healthy. Cheers everyone!

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